Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 goals

seems to be thing thing to do these days, set goals. So here are some of my goals for this year:

1. memorize several children's stories. starting with "Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod" and maybe something Dr. Seuss (GO DOG GO?). i think it would be terribly fun to write some children's stories some day, and i decided this morning while watching sesame street that getting on sesame street is a life goal. therefore, i need to become a student of the craft.

2. finish a few crossword puzzles. i'll probably do this no matter what; i just think it's a good idea to set at least one achievable goal.

3. get Hannah through her Jr. year without any permanent damage--no matter how many lemon scones I have to bake and introductory paragraphs i have to brainstorm.

4. start remembering. i forget things ALL the time. particularly things i've only thought. i think my best bet is to start talking to myself. who cares if I look crazy? remembering cool blog post ideas is essential.

5. guest write for the "stuff christians like" blog. i've had several really funny post ideas that i promptly forgot after thinking them up. goal number 4 preceeds this one for a reason.

6. go pro. who cares in what? i just need to get paid for something.

7. just kidding. i meant in photography.

8. finish a painting. i'm not gonna be picky here. this can be one of my unfinished high school paintings, one i started two years ago, or a whole new one. the only rule is that it has to be FINISHED. haha. i'd say of all my goals, this might be the easiest and yet least likely to occur (except for 2 and maybe 3).

i'd like to make some more goals, but all i can think of are things that i'm fairly certain i'm not going to achieve (stick to a budget, get organized, keep my room clean), so i'll stop here and wish myself luck with the rest.


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Rachel said...

GREAT post!!! All the best on acheiving your very creative goals!!