Wednesday, January 14, 2009

winnie the who? and an elephant too?

I know I don't have a very large reader-base, but I feel it my duty to inform those of you who do read that Winnie the Pooh has been ruined. RUINED I SAY! Apparently, children today are watching some sort of Winnie the Pooh knock-off called "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" which sounds fairly innocuous, right? But that's just where things start going off course.

I'd like to complain that they've updated the animation to make it look more like cartoons today, but I can't because I realize the Pooh we watched as kids was an update from the original, too. So I'll overlook that somewhat disturbing difference to tell you the real news. There's NO Christopher Robin. I repeat, no Christopher Robin. sad day. They've replaced him with a girl named Darla and her dog.

All of the characters seem to have maintained their personalities which is a relief! Eeyore still gets followed by a rain cloud and has serious self-confidence issues. Piglet still gets into dangerous and scary situations for such a small animal. Pooh is as bumbly and helpful as ever. Rabbit has a pair of cranky pants. and so on.

Do you remember the hephalumps and woozles? Well, apparently, they were inspired to add one of those hephaLumps to the show. An elephant named Lumpy with an Australian accent. It IS cute, but I'd rather the show stay the same. Why mess with a good thing?

Long live Christopher Robin!


Sarah said...

I agree... I prefer the old or older versions of WtP! How PC to change CR to a girl with a dog!

Wendy McConnell said...

thank you for bringing this travesty to light. i had no idea how much they had changed the original! i mean i'm all for womens' rights, but you can't just do away with christopher robin! what did he do, graduate from kindergarten or something? bogus...