Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't worry. I only set the oven on fire.

and then kept baking :)

holiday scones:
my usual lemon scones, but with holiday sprinkles on top. the butter leaks out and frequently catches the oven on fire. then i douse it with baking soda. very soon i'll need to clean out the oven. also, stop putting the scones on flat baking sheets. duh.

hot pretzels:
some with cinnamon sugar and some salted (also with cinnamon sugar. i got a little carried away.)
hannah had a fund raiser selling pretzel kits. I thought it was frozen pretzels, but no. you had to make them yourself. what exactly did i buy? anyway, i should have put holiday sprinkles on them too. what was i thinking?

apples and chocolate fondue:
leftover fondue from last weeks book club party and some fresh apples. the fondue was also good with the pretzels!

who wants to clean up the kitchen for me? :P

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I love the titles of your posts lately! No thanks on cleaning your oven... I need to do my own, but I'm I remember it stinking SO much that I don't want to... :-P