Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last weekend I went to a family reunion, and here are some pictures.

(I know, lame introduction but you should be thinking, "oh my goodness! janet finally put pictures up on her blog again! I love pictures. Thanks janet!" but really the thanks goes to Rachel P. for saying, "hey, put a picture of your new car up on your blog so i can see it." so thanks, Rachel.)

my mom and second cousin Sara

my cousin jo. really, she's my first cousin once removed. and I LOVE HER.

this would be my nephew aaron who likes to make me laugh.

the wonderful lady on the left is my great aunt Janet. she makes my name 1000 times cooler. the gentleman on the left is jo's husband mo. He's pretty much awesome.

this distinguished looking fellow would be my grandfather, and i'm very proud of this picture.

this is my grandpa, me and my new car that my grandpa helped me buy. Thanks grandpa!

these are the mcknights. minus a few people (specifically my cousin meredith and her parents, my sister hannah, and my nephew aaron who was already sleeping.) ((it should be noted that everyone is this picture is favorite.))

and this is everybody. almost. that was there.


Rachel said...

Whoa - good times! Aaron is adorable! And the pic of your Grandpa is something you should be proud of. And I like your car - way to go Grandpa! Thanks for posting!

Howard and Eileen Dueck said...

yayayayayaay! pictures on janet's blog! yayayayayay! love the pic of grandpa - he looks so "grandpaish" and so soft and lovely. congrats on the car. it looks like you! (not sure what that means....!)