Thursday, September 11, 2008

I must love it when I dream.

When I'm awake, my mind rushes in every direction possible. I think of new places and old conversations and wish away the day somewhere pleasant. That is, unless my paint brush is making me crabby because it's not cooperating and cramping up my hand. I enjoy painting and remodeling houses. I like seeing them transform into something new and come closer to reaching their true house potential. So, if my brush isn't cooperating and is interrupting my day-dream, I'll just go wash it out, get a new one, and pick up where I left off-- maybe back in Germany with my girls or deciding what to do with my evening. So I must love it when I dream because my mind can race away, and I can mix the people from different times and places in my life into one lovely walk, adventure or chat. It must be great.


Rachel said...

Last night I dreamed that I met Posh Spice in a bathroom somewhere and she was really nice. Also that I wrote a screenplay that was nominated for an Oscar and that one of my old boyfriends wanted to visit Marseilles with me. Dreams are awesome.

Rachel said...

Oh yeah... and about coming for a visit... not sure yet, it will be much harder to manage now that I'm going to school and will need a job next semester... but you can certainly make other plans, don't depend on us... unless you want to visit over here! Then by all means you can depend on us!!