Friday, January 8, 2010

better late than never

I just KNOW you all are dying to see some photos I took for a Christmas card shoot a month ago. Right? Anyway, I wanted to make sure they had time to get out Christmas cards before I blogged about it. It just seemed fair, even though I don't know that any of her friends and family read my blog. (But maybe they will now!)

I loved this session! It was done in two parts. The first one outside in the freezing cold on a bright sunny day- quite the photographer's challenge, but I think it made for a unique set of photos that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I hope you do, too. Part 2 was inside at their house, and I hope that years from now they can look back at these photos and remember her at this age with a smile on their face. Then years after that, maybe she'll show them to her grandkids who will love seeing how grandma celebrated Christmas as a kid. [the collages are back by popular demand!]




Don't forgot that there are only two more days (till the 10th) to nominate someone for a complimentary photography session! Details.

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