Thursday, March 6, 2008

i'm been meaning to tell you.

These past few days (or maybe it's the past week by now.) I've been meaning to blog, but I've just been procrastinating for no reason whatsoever.

First I was going to blog about the High School Retreat that was last weekend in Nurnburg. It was awesome. we stayed in a castle and heard some great words from Pastor Jonathan who pastors a church called "Renovatus:: a church for people under renovation" in North Carolina. If you're interested, you can download some of his podcasts. After two weeks of the most gorgeous sunshine Germany has ever seen, the whole country decided to be rainy and windy and cold (except for during the few hours of free time we had on saturday, thankfully). To see some pictures, check out my photoblog for the weekend of Feb. 29-Mar. 2.

Then, I wanted to blog about the weather THIS week. On Sunday morning, the director of BFA called up to Nurnburg and announced a "snow day" for Monday. A fake snow day that gives the kids a day to rest. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to have a fake snow day, but whatever. I won't begrudge them their rest. HOWEVER, the morning following the "snow day" the girls awoke to about an inch of snow on the ground. HA HA HA. No one was too happy about it. Yesterday was EVEN BETTER because we awoke to a gently falling "tv snow" and about five inches on the ground. It also happened to be the first day of soccer and track try-outs. It was so pretty, and you'd better believe that before I had to go to my staff meeting I put on my boots and went frolicking around in an unblemished field. Then the sun came out and half of it melted. Not the top half, but green grass appeared in 50% of the land area and 50% of the roof-tops were showing by noon. Today, more like 95% of the grass is showing and 75% of the roof-tops. These are important statistics to share with you... apparently.

It's march, and we're just now having the first significant snow fall of the year. What is wrong with this place? Not that I'm complaining. I kind of like having spring before winter.

Like I said before, visit my photoblog if you want to see pictures...
my photoblog

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