Saturday, February 23, 2008

goodbye sprinter, hello spring!

This morning I awoke at 7:00 to a near-white sky and waves of blue clouds blocking the rising sun. It was beautiful, and I went back to sleep :D
Now the sun is shining, and I can almost say it's balmy outside. We've completely forgotten about the dreary clouds and rain of the past few days. The breeze blowing in through open doors and windows holds no northerly chill, and it freshens up the stale dorm quite nicely. We're all making plans to get ourselves out of doors for awhile, but first I need to clean my room. It's a mess. I'm having flashbacks to my childhood. I was always stuck in my room trying to clean it. It never worked.
I've put my plants out on the balcony to soak up the most sun available before it moves to the other side of the building, and my white tulips are starting to fall open in their vases. The crocuses have come up and are showing their colors and the daffodils have been around for awhile.
Winter may show it's face again before we get too far along, but for now we are welcoming the springtime.

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