Tuesday, December 4, 2007


In the meantime... I just got back from a weekend off in Heidelberg. There was a big group (nine) who went and stayed at the Melli's just outside of the city. The Melli's used to work here at BFA and are currently working with an youth ministry on the military bases in the area.

We watched lots of movies, hung out in the city, visited the Christmas markets, and had a few mac parties. Out of the nine of us, 7 own macs and 6 were in attendance. Plus, the Melli's themselves have 2.

Our first movie, The Painted Veil, received good reviews from all of us:
Joni called it "epic."
Rachel K. extolled it's artistic presentation.
Matt was impressed by the ending.
Janet thought the time elements were excellently used to increase the plot.
and so on.

If you want to see pictures, click here.

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