Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One small step for a German, but a giant step for a non-native speaker :D

I have been taking German classes this year. Classes are only twice a week, so it's hardly intense. However, I've been making progress lately, and today I scheduled an appointment in German. Well, mostly German. And I was so proud of myself! Unfortunately, no one was around except for the visiting IT guy, but he was happy for me anyway. Most people in the BFA community understand the struggle to learn German when so much of our work is with English speakers (or maybe all of it!).
It was a small victory, but as you can tell since I'm writing a blog about it, I was very excited.

Other things I'm excited about:
buying my train ticket to Frankfurt to fly home in three weeks.
seeing Aaron!
Christmas markets in Heidelberg this weekend :D
cold air.
I started running again (i think it's the cold weather that's inspiring).
watching season 3 of Corner Gas (canadian comedy TV show. hilarious. I highly recommend it.)
they actually roast chestnuts here. except they taste terrible.
singing Christmas carols.
all the greenery, festive or otherwise, in my room.
hugs from the girls.
talking to my girls as i put them to bed.
Find Frosty books.
January 1st, not just the start of a new year.
all the time i'm going to be spending in airports over break. (ok, so, not excited. ERGO, i shall have to come up with a game to play to keep myself entertained.)
did I mention I get a weekend off, and i'm going to Heidelberg?
did I mention that I'm going home in three weeks?
AND did I mention I get to see Aaron??

As you can tell. I'm generally excited by life. What are YOU excited about?


jesse elisabeth said...

i'm proud of you baby. way to go. and i'm excited about january first too. and it's not AT ALL because of the new year ;) that i think about it, do i get to see aaron too?!?! :P

jesse elisabeth said...

YAY!!! that's exciting...:P oh baby i can't wait.....can it be now? please please please? this is when i REALLY need your "control of time" superpower....gah!!!

jesse elisabeth said...

but i actually have an exam for all my finals slots. it pretty much sucks. :(