Friday, November 16, 2007

strange friday.

Today's an odd Friday because the dorm parents are off. Usually the dorm parents are off on Thursday, but we celebrated thanksgiving yesterday, so they were off today. Today went something like this:

Roll out of bed and work as furiously as Janet can while half asleep to get breakfast out on time.
Make several trips to school trying to get all students and necessarily items where they need to be.
Go to the grocery store, and pick up stuff for the string thing kids and take it to school.
Make brownies.
Go grocery shopping for more things.
Get really excited about being able to read and completely understand all of the words in a news headline.
Go to the school and run errands.
Lunch with Rachel at Funfshilling: Kurbisuppe and Zwiebelweie mit speck.
Airport run to take Katey to the airport.
Make hot chocolate.
Eat pie.
Hang out with the kids after school.
Get dinner and bags from the school.
Get dinner from the hot boxes to the table.
Make announcements.
Throw SanNa a brithday party including: a love fern, brownies, and me reading Korean...sort of :D
Lend a hand with the dinner dishes.
Drive girls to the school.
Drive Joy to Wittlingen.
Try and stay awake.
Make more hot chocolate. (way too much...)
Watch Monk.
Put girls to bed.
Write this.

And then the weekend. Weirdest job in the world. can't wait for friday to be over, and can't wait for monday to start.

Let's hope this is a fun and exciting weekend!

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