Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chicago and a Fundraiser

Earlier this summer I went to Chicago.


You see, my friend Bridget is going on the World Race, and my roommate and I went to join in her walk-a-thon to help her raise support.


It was a beautiful day. I'd like to say it was a little hot, but compared to the weather we've had lately, it was FANTASTIC.


As I was preparing to write this post I was thinking, "I wish I could do more to help her raise the money she needs for this trip. I know how hard support raising is. I know how challenging this trip will be in every way. The last thing she needs to be worrying about is money."


And then it dawned on me. I SHOULD HOST MY OWN FUNDRAISER!


Bridget is going to be visiting 11 countries in 11 months. She'll be living day in and day out with a small group of 6 who will be ministering together to the least of these in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. She'll have a lot on her mind. I don't want her to have the stress of support raising on her mind, too!


You can read more about her trip on her blog.

(Bridget's in the blue tank-top)

So here's the fundraiser: For every session that you schedule with me during the month of August, $25 of that will go to Bridget's World Race fund. Sessions can be scheduled for later on this fall, but as long as you pay your session fee in August, $25 of it will go to Bridget.

The fall is a great time for family photos (please don't wait till December to start thinking about your Christmas cards)!

Ready. Set. Book your sessions!

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