Monday, June 14, 2010

.Random Tidbits.

. I designed the layout of my office yesterday! Right now it has bare walls and just a desk for furniture, but as I was resting, a vision for what I wanted just came to me. O, invaluable rest.

. Yes, I have an office now! I moved last week into a rental house with a friend of mine. The space is just perfect for us, and the neighborhood seems to be lively. Soon I'll show you a few snapshots from around the house... There is much work to be done. Work! Glorious work!

. My website/blog/logo have been in the works for awhile now, and I am happy to report they'll be done soon. Yippee! I cannot wait to be able to say "yes!" to the #1 question I am asked about my business, "Do you have a website?" [note: This is a great question, so keep asking!]

. I'm looking at the week ahead through the eyes of the only portrait I have printed so far for display in my office:


Attack this week with childish enthusiasm. Ready. Set. Go.

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Denise said...

wonderful picture...I would think it would be perfect in your office.