Tuesday, January 26, 2010

thoughts on composition.

Last Friday I stopped by the pool to take some quick headshots of the girls that one of the moms had requested. I did my best to take them fast and not make them into a big deal. Some of them were ready to have their picture taken, but all of them agreed that this one was the best:


Here's why it turned out the best:

a) I accidentally took it a tad closer-up than I was taking the others so she filled the frame. (Why didn't I take them all close-up? Like I said, they weren't all prepared for pictures, and blemishes are less noticeable from farther away.) I took another one so her photo will look like everyone else's.

b) Her hair leads YOUR eyes straight to HER eyes. Everybody has beautiful eyes, so it's a good rule of thumb to make eyes the focus point in a picture. There are good reasons to focus on other things sometimes, but it's hard to go wrong if eyes are the focus!

c) She's wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt.

Since it's Tuesday, I want to hear your thoughts, too! What's new with you?


Erin McCart said...

Great pic! I believe it IS the OSU sweatshirt that makes it even better.

Gwynne said...

I have to agree with "c" being the key to the great picture. :)