Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who wants pumpkins?

I was a little lazy last fall, and well. ALL WINTER. I left 2 pumpkins rotting out in the side flower bed. Turns out, when you do this, you get the mother-load of pumpkin plants next spring!


as you can see: RAMPANT.
and I can't bring myself to weed them out of the flower bed.

would you like some?
come and get them.

Check out these gorgeous asian lillies gracing our house lately.

ooh la la

we didn't plant these. but i'm so happy they come to visit.

let's walk around towards the garden.

baby carrots, anyone?

this is my favorite: baby lettuce!!
I just keep thinking that I'm growing cabbage patch kids :)

these babies? heirloom tomatillos.
I'm SO EXCITED. My family doesn't really understand all the wonderfullness that is coming because of these babies.

and THIS. gorgeous. Don't you just want to eat it up? I did.
but I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's a weed.


Wendy McConnell said...

ha. good call on the not eating weeds. but... those look a little like dandelion leaves, and can't you eat those in salads and stuff? you should probably check with someone who really knows before you try it :)

i think i'll go out and take some long-overdue photos of my garden. sadly, it's full of leaves right about now.

Sarah said...

WOW I wish my laziness would give me something productive like this! Mom gave me hollyhock starts last year and I never put them in the ground :-(
So did the pumpkins completely decompose right there in the flowerbed? I'd watch out... pumpkins tend to grow VERY big VERY fast! You could have yourself an impressive pumpkin patch before you know it! :-) I can't wait to see the fountain area for myself! That naked baby never looked so good! HA!

And you totally need to find yourself a cabbage patch kid and do a little photo shoot! :-) Little LG will need one some day! :-)

Kristina said...

I want pumpkins! :)
The pics are fabulous -- thanks for sharing! :)