Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elizabeth and Captain Jack

I have a funny Sunday School story for you. Don't worry, it's short.

On Sunday, I had to go up to the upper deck of the Ark to settle some sort of dispute of a minute kind.
(pay no attention to the dangling child, please.)

As I was leaving, I said something uninteresting to the 3-year-old girl guarding the upper deck. "Lizabeth," she says to me.

"What? Oh, your name is Elizabeth?" (It is not.)

"Yes. I'm Lizabeth."

"Well, that's nice." I thought to myself, but as I was heading down the ladder, she started yelling, "Captain Jack! Captain Jack!" across the playground.

And then it dawned on me. She was none other than Elizabeth Swan, herself. And very quickly other characters were showing up all around me.

Meet, Captain Barbosa:
Barbosa clearly being the rapscalion using mulch for a sword.

Captain Jack, Elizabeth's brother:

and this little guy hiding behind the balloon, Will Turner:

I don't know why they let me teach Sunday School :)
The End.

p.s. these pictures are all about a year old (except for the last one, it's just a few months).

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