Tuesday, March 24, 2009

pole vaulting.

Check out these pictures from my sister's track meet yesterday. Needless to say, she is an absolute rock star. I had to leave early for work, so I missed her breaking her own school record in pole vaulting. That's right, 10 feet. I'm buying my tickets for the London olympics at this very moment. (14.75 automatically qualifies you for the olympics in the trials. 16.5 is the olympic record)

Unfortunately, I missed the record-setting jump, but that's because I had to leave early to go to work. My dad kept my camera and got a few shots of the jump, though!

my dad took this last one: the record-setting leap!

*edit: hannah says that the pictures i posted don't portray proper pole vaulting technique. i apologize. i don't know the difference yet, and I wasn't there for the best ones!

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