Saturday, March 7, 2009

MV track and field.

Indoor track meet time for the marauders:
(click to enlarge)

she's spunky. she's a freshman. and she's oh so fast!

ready set and go for my sister. in like a lion? yes, that's how this relay started.

i couldn't pan fast enough. they were FLYING i tell you.

don't worry. she passed her (and a few others)

go go gadget legs.

it was such a lovely day, and these poor things had to run inside. boo.

what was that? a speeding bullet? NOPE.

hehe. she makes all those tall kids look slow.

favorite of the day: my sister crossing the finish line.

high jump all-star: 2 more inches and she can jump over my head.

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I'm Natalie. said...

hey! I'm writing an article on Panning for DPS. Do you mind if I use one of these images? They're great! Let me know. You'd get image credit of course.