Saturday, May 17, 2008

random post about nothing... and everything.

I wonder if more people would read my blog if I put a pretty picture behind the title?

For the last few weeks my eye has been twitching non-stop. I don't really think I'm that stressed. Some people think it's low iron or magnesium. I liked it better when I lost my appetite. This is annoying.

Life's been going along pretty fast recently. The end is quickly approaching, and I'm doing my best to be ready for it.

I haven't had a deep conversation in a very long time, and I miss them.

I have a pile of magazines in my room that hold no other purpose then I meant to cut them up at some point... I'm running out of time to do that.

My family is coming to Europe in less than a month, woohoo!

I need to vacuum tomorrow morning.

I made these fancy toasted sandwiches for dinner (I got the recipe from another dorm) which is different than what we normally make, and it was fun. Tomorrow morning I'm making these jam-pastries (I got this recipe out of a real simple magazine a few years ago) which is also out of the ordinary for this dorm, so hopefully they'll go over as well as the sandwiches did.

I'm going to soccer tournament on Wednesday and staying through Saturday. (go my favorite sports team go)

I guess to be completely random I should throw a picture or two in here...
this is me outside of marseille, trying not to look at the nudists.

me in Nice


sunset recently.

Palm Jrs and Srs and staff at the Junior Senior Banquet.

Recently someone in australia found a dead gecko inside the lining of an egg shell... i wonder how it got there?

That's about enough randomness for now.


jesse elisabeth said...

can i just say that i luv you and mis s you a WHOLE crapton!

and that post probably just made my day!

you're fantastic...and we need to fix that deep conversation problem. hope you're all caught up on sleep :D

Sarah Ronk Photography said...

hey!! nice random post!
see you very soon!!!

Wendy McConnell said...

i'm ready for a deep conversation, whenever you get back somewhere that i can talk to you again! love ya friend!!

Bethany said...

hmmm...that gecko, pretty wacko, but not as much as Jacko...

I liked the pictures. You are very photogenic, has anyone told you that?

Howard and Eileen Dueck said...

yayayayay! i had almost given up on checking your blog. great post, random or not...