Wednesday, February 6, 2008

frisbee soccer

Today I played three on three frisbee soccer with a few of the other RAs. It was loads of fun! See, frisbee soccer is what we play when we want to play Ultimate Frisbee, but we don't have enough people. Instead of having to catch the frisbee in the end zone, you just have to get it in the net.

I made this amazing throw through the legs of the player guarding me (I'm short and Greenie's tall :D), and miracle of miracles, Gabe caught it. I don't know why I was surprised, Gabe's just amazing. I was so excited that I jumped up really fast and pulled a muscle in my abs or something. ouch. but the pain wore off and we played on.

After we lost a player, we decided to play a short round of frisbee golf. I was blessed with beginners luck and managed to par all but one of the holes. It was really windy and pretty much anyone's game, so it doesn't really say anything about my skill.
Still, it was fun, and I wish we played more often.

On Friday I'm off to Marseilles for my first weekend off this semester, so look for pictures early next week!

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