Monday, December 17, 2007


Palmgarten is under construction. While the real construction starts next summer when they add on a whole new level to the building, this Christmas break they are putting new flooring in our dining and living area. It's a big space.

The workers are not speaking German amongst themselves and either they are speaking Alemanish (which is the local language) or they are speaking Polish. Where are the girls when you need them?

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Howard and Eileen Dueck said...

Hey Janet!

The dorm looks so.... clean! And deserted. Wow.
Hey, I can't remember which pictures I asked you to send me. SCHADE! Maybe it will come to me.

Anyway, have a great time in the old US of A! I saw you today zippin' around in the van and suspected you were on last-minute errands.

See you in January!