Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Goals" for the new year.

1. Stop crossing my legs. (I will, however, continue to sit on my feet.)
2. Run the Indy 1/2 marathon.
3. Find a job!
4. Go to Sevilla.
5. Eat at Alpenblick.
6. Go to Lichtenstien.

momentary pause to say "WOW. it's really snowing."

(after I'm done at BFA)
7. Get a job.
8. Catch up on The Office and other shows I have been missing...
10. Spend a week entirely by myself.

I think that's enough :D
Happy New YEAR!


jesse elisabeth said...

i KNOW impeccable is an english word....but i'm not sure it has the same meaning. that i think about it..maybe it does. was late :P

Howard and Eileen Dueck said...

Hey Janet!

Sounds like you've got a plan! Hope you've been having a great time at home with your fam. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Rachel said...

can i go to lichtenstein with you??