Saturday, November 3, 2007

or maybe something completely normal.

Today I was mostly in the kitchen. I'm on for breakfast for tomorrow, and I'm making "loaves." I can't even remember how we'd refer to them in America anymore, but the Canadians say "loaves." I wanted to make Pumpkin Bread, so I went off in search of a pumpkin. Why not use pumpkin in a can? Who'd ever think of doing something so crazy. This is the black forest, farm country, and we do things the old fashioned way. It's not that difficult to use a real pumpkin, but apparently, the real challenge is finding a pumpkin this late in the season that hasn't already been turned into soup.

I spent most of the morning roaming from town to town in search of a pumpkin that wasn't green, bigger than 3 inches and not a gourd.
I passed several squashes along the way and I thought to myself, I should just use this instead. After all, it's what they put in the can. But I had set off for a pumpkin, and I felt like I needed to finish the job I had set out to do. Eventually, with some help, I found somewhere with plenty of apples, pumpkins, gourds and schnapps.

My pumpkin wasn't very orange on the inside, although it did improve with baking. I couldn't help but think I should have bought the squash. It would taste better.

After making pumpkin bread I made dinner. Pasta ala carbonera, salad and garlic bread. One of the girls' favorites.

Pasta ala carbonera:

bacon pieces (they come already cut up ready to fry)
heavy cream
a lot of parmesan cheese
actually, a lot of all of these things.

cook the pasta

mix the sauce with the pasta. tada!
It's really easy and the girls like it, so it's a frequent weekend meal around here.

I still need two more loaves for breakfast tomorrow, so I'm off to the kitchen again...
I'm thinking banana bread with chocolate chips. The girls only like breakfast if it has chocolate in it. Go figure.


Denise said...

Thank you for sharing the every day stuff!

Jessi said...

i would like to have a loaf made by janet mcknight. i should move to germany.